Buxton-Hollis Historical Society
Sign Built by Jim Shula, Salt Water Workshop


July 2014 – Work is still in progress.  New granite steps installed!  Take a look!


The exterior work on the Elden Store building, made possible by a grant from the Narragansett Number One Foundation, is nearing completion.  New signs have been hung. Window sashes have been glazed and painted.  Grading, crushed rock and drainage have been added to the North and South sides.  New working doors and a false door have been installed.  A few additional plantings need to be added after winter kill and the driveway needs to be addressed.  If you would like to donate a memorial planting, please contact Jan Hill at 929-8895.


Contact us at bhhs@buxtonhollishistorical.org

Recent re-installation of the granite hitching posts 2014

Barry Plummer and Ron Weeman observe the granite step work

New Elden Store Sign
Elden Store Circa 1860 showing Davis Shoe Shop on Right and the Wentworth Tavern on Left