Buxton-Hollis Historical Society
Hours and Locations
Thursdays 4-8 PM Until Nov 16, 2023, then Apr
at 100 Main St, Bar Mills

Headquarters and Research Center

100 Main St., Route 4A
P.O. Box 34, Buxton, Maine 04093

We do not have public open hours in the winter, but are available by answering machine at 929-1684, by email at bhhs@buxtonhollishistorical.org
or by special appointment.
We reopen in April.

.C. Watson School One-Room School Museum
Groveville Road, Buxton Center


       By appointment

Call Vicki Walker at 929-3662 or

email vickiwalker@sacoriver.net


Driving directions to N. C. Watson School Museum
Get Directions To:
Groveville Road
Buxton ME 04093


Elden Store

Route 22, Buxton, Maine



Currently closed to the public